Magnet Musik is a German agency for booking and management. Berlin based, the company started as a one-woman business in Frankfurt in1996. Since Magnet has grown steadily and proudly represented and represents international clients like Pantha Du Prince, Dave Aju, Roman Flügel, John Talabot, Move D, John Tejada, Isolée, Alexander Kowalski, Palais Schaumburg, Khan, Jahcoozi etc pp Magnet is operating on a worldwide basis, cooperating with festivals, concert halls, clubs, venues and agencies on all continents.

Germany has been the place of birth for many important musicians and hence kicked off one or the other international musical movement. Magnet contributed to spreading the “German sound” worldwide, by organizing tours, events and participating in showcases, and was established as one of the first booking agencies for electronic music in Germany. Since the beginning in the mid-nineties Magnet has established labels like Playhouse, Force Inc, Klangelektronik, Bpitchcontrol, Kanzleramt, Mobilee, Mille Plateaux, Dial and more, on an international basis, and has prescribed its actions to bringing forward new talent and old heroes in electronic music and contemporary derivates of what was once hyped Techno.
This musical genre has since become one of the biggest in Europe and is spreading its energy throughout the world. Japan, China, South Africa and the Americas are becoming more and more important territories, were Magnet's artists are touring regularly.

Our artists have taken part in the worlds most important festivals like Wire (JP), Loveparade (DE), Creamfields (UK/AR), Sonar (ES/AR/JP), Glastonbury (UK), Coachella (US), Mutek (CA), DEMF /FUSE (US), SXSW (US), Roskilde (DEN), Pukkelpop (BE), Sziget (HU), Lowlands (NL), Arezzo Wave (IT), Y.E.A.H (Shanghai/Beijing), Big Day Out (AUS), Kazantip (RUS), Tonedef (ZA), Motomix (BRA) and many more and have initiated global networks of and for electronic music and its followers.