Just Von Ahlefeld aka Dionne is a Hamburg based musician where he is running record label and record store Smallville together with his partner Julius Steinhoff. Together they are producing music and DJ-ing under Smallpeople alias.
Apart his own releases that saw day of light on Terpsiton and Smallville, as Smallpeople he released on labels such as Underground Quality, Closer, Laid. In 2012. they released their highly acclaimed album "Salty Days" on their homebase Smallville records.
Smokey, melodic deepness is a staple of his musical sensitivity that runs through his productions as well as his DJ sets, but his musical explorations don´t stop in the means of electronic genres but stretch themselves to far corners of disco, italo, organic grooves, brasilian etc. as reflected on his extensive record collection.
2017 will bring more of his own productions, apart from Smallpeople ones.