Benedikt Frey | 021


For 2018’s next expedition, veteran cosmonaut Benedikt Frey takes control of space command after making 2017 one of his several galactic conquests, putting his proverbial black, red & yellow flag in a stunning vinyl release on Bahnsteig 23, an equally stunning album on ESP, a plethora of killer remixes and continuing his record label ‘Love Pain Sunshine & Rain’. Need we say more?
His broad electronic taste is vast, and his sound can be a drift across the universe, a jump to hyperspace, industrial binary clunking or an extraterrestrial attack on the senses. Todays sample is the latter. Packed with ample 303, nothing could be better suited to help you laugh in the face of ‘dry January’, show it the Vs and prime you for the weekend.
Full set can be streamed here.

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