BENEDIKT FREY - Artificial (Remixed) - Vinyl/Digital EP


In 2017, Benedikt Frey released his breathtaking debut album with the ESP Institute, 'Artificial', and now as we finally come up for air, we’re more than proud to offer an eclectic collection of remixes that’s nothing short of essential. Side A leads with 'H For Hysteria' remixed by a beloved hero, Nicolas Chaix a.k.a. I:Cube, one of the most prolific and respected electronic artists Paris has to offer. His touch is considered and elegant, imbuing the track with a tasteful 303+808 backbone to support an array of patiently floating melodies and angelic vocal samples. Following this, Tolouse Low Trax of Düsseldorf’s infamous Salon Des Amateurs remixes the same track, stripping instrumentation down to a skeletal palette of bass guitar and stabbing percussive punctuations, chopped up inna minimalist stylee that has become his beat-making signature. Side B leads with a remix by another Düsseldorfer, DJ Normal 4, whose re-imagination of 'Private Crimes' takes us for an even more menacing ride, half-timing the tempo and skillfully rolling out an barrage of jungle snares from rave days of yore. Closing the release is the most aggressive remix of them all, a bonafide techno beatdown of the same track by DALO, the co-producing artist to whose haunting vocals lace the original version. Her dark vision opens with sparse industrial drums that blossom into a driving assault of raw machinery, definitely not for the faint-of-heart. An all-around solid release here, fun for all the family… more than just the tip! Get your copy here.

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