Cleveland's new 12" out now via ESP Institute


Cleveland is forever in search of the brown note. This is his second offering for the ESP Institute. Side A’s 'Tusk' is a beautiful paradox—rhythm programs that churn like the inner workings of a grandfather clock, unmistakably mechanical, yet fashioned through muted analogue instrumentation that paints a deceptively organic picture. The crystallized jangle of FM synth voices toy with the softened drum patterns and vibrant animal-like chord gestures over nearly seven minutes of splendor. On side B, 'Aku' digs further into mysticism, manifesting digital jungle themes, cleverly abstracted through erratic bleeps, distant tribal drums, atonal flutters and synthetic bird calls. The cinematic quality of Cleveland's production shines through both tracks, but its 'Aku' that sweeps us from reality to embark on a moonlit expedition in search long lost treasures, proving Cleveland a virtuoso skilled in building complex narratives with sound. These two songs will modulate your frequencies.

Released June 8, 2018 via ESP Institute

Via this link you can buy your copy and listen to the tracks.

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