Dekmantel Podcast 187 - Magic Teapot


Magic Teapot Records is an exclusive online record store in Barcelona, but also a recently launched record label (run by Daniel Baughman— A&R at Hivern Discs, booker at audiophile venue Nica —, Marco Gegenheimer - who releases on Studio Barnhus as MLiR - and Jens Ingelstedt). The DJ duo though is made up of Baughman and Gegenheimer, and when they come together they unleash hidden vinyl gems that get you dancing and romancing. Their sound is one that has a lot to say and draws on steamy tropical delights and intoxicating world music that could be thirty years old or brand new.

This mix for Dekmantel is a 90 minute live recording of them doing what they do best at Nica, namely taking us around the globe on a real adventure that has a sense of musical wanderlust running right through it. Listen to it HERE.

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