Demdike Stare's DDS label reissues album from Move D's Conjoint group


The five-piece future jazz project's 2000 LP is out again tomorrow.
The first move for Demdike Stare's DDS label in 2018 is a remastered reissue of Conjoint's 2000 album, Earprints.
Conjoint was a five-man outfit founded by David Moufang, AKA Move D. It also featured prolific pianist and vibraphone player Karl Berger—who worked alongside jazz greats like Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry, to name only two—along with Jonas Grossmann, Jamie Hodge and Gunter Kraus. The group pushed their own expansive brand of future jazz and downtempo across three LPs.
They originally released Earprints, their collaboration-heavy second effort, via Moufang and Grossmann's Source Records imprint, enlisting guests like Andrew Pekler and Kai Kroker for appearances.
DDS is now giving the album its first ever reissue tomorrow, on both double-vinyl and digital formats. "If you're into late-night listening and have followed the work of Move D, Miles Davis, Tortoise or Jan Jelinek's frayed, late night jazz minimalism," the label says, "This one's for you."
Listen to Earprints cut "The Joint." here.

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