Magic Mountain High gets love from XLR8R


UK-based music website XLR8R attended the Dekmantel Festival outside Amsterdam last weekend, and it seems like they had a good time - allow us to quote:

"Magic Mountain High was too good.

...a lot of highlights, one of which was Magic Mountain High....

Just watching the trio diligently assemble propulsive bits of house and techno was entertaining, not to mention impressive, as the three producers worked in unison to construct nuanced, multi-layered compositions completely on the fly. It could be said that the music was "deep"—and there was certainly a stoney, vaguely psychedelic tinge to the proceedings—but Magic Mountain High also built a solid groove, intermittently weaving in elements of acid and techno to boost everyone's energy level. Despite all the technical nerdery happening on stage, the set was undeniably musical, and the dancefloor responded enthusiastically."

Read the full review / feature (and some serious praising for Gerd Janson) here.

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