Move D's KM20 Tapes to be released


A collection of unreleased Move D tracks from the mid-'90s will feature on the second Off Minor release.

The Off Minor label was launched by Juju & Jordash's Jordan Czamanski back in June with a two-track solo EP from Czamanski under the name Jordan GCZ. The KM20 Tapes features five tracks produced by Move D in his KM20 Studio in Heidelberg between 1992 and 1996. The pair have a close working relationship—together they form two-thirds of Magic Mountain High alongside Czamanski's Juju & Jordash partner Gal Aner.

According to Czamanski, the release will mark the start of an irregular series that unearths Move D material from the vaults. "David gave me access to a ton of dope tracks that he transferred from tape, so I'm going to start pressing up these EPs from time to time," he told Resident Advisor.

For an idea of what to expect, check this YouTube teaser video.

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