Orson Wells debut album "Pneumatics" on Live At Robert Johnson


We’re very happy to announce Orson Wells debut album "Pneumatics" on Live At Robert Johnson.
"Pneumatics“ will be released on Friday, 15th September on 2 x 12" vinyl and digital.

Label: Live At Robert Johnson
Release date: 15th September 2017


Perhaps Wells, known in Frankfurt under his real name Lennard Poschmann and as an employee at the record store Tactile, is only a messenger. Or a psychic. The sound manifesto that he apparently transmits from Toffler’s secret dimension tells of a city of upside down pyramids (“Tianon”), of passes into the land of the five elements (“Multipass”) and dead straight four-to-the-floor lines which appear bended within the spherical dimension (“”Geodesic”). These beats are right on the heels of the ones of Intersteller Fugitives; the strings sound like that at any moment a vocal sample edited by Moodyman could warp over through the Cornflake wormhole. Pneumatics is the science of all technological applications powered by condensed and often by quite heated air. It is a matter of mechanics, compression, jackhammer, ramblings, high pressure levels, valves for blowing of steam. On “Pneumatics” it’s all about this. And more. Orson Wells’s album gets to the point of the post-retro futuristic state of the dancefloors of the house and techno clubs of this planet. It is like a peek into another dimension, right on the golden cut of spacetime geometry.

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