RA Sessions: Magic Mountain High


Move D and Juju & Jordash, live and improvised at fabric.

When Move D and Juju & Jordash first started playing together a few years ago, their group, Magic Mountain High, quickly became one of the most captivating new live acts in electronic music.
It's not hard to see why—their grooves are crafty, their sounds wonderfully immersive. But there's something more fundamental setting Magic Mountain High apart: all of their sets are totally improvised. This makes them sound different from night to night (sometimes more clubby, sometimes more ambient), but always loose, unpredictable and organic.
It also makes them a lot of fun to watch. Magic Mountain High's nest of gear looks like the cockpit of some ramshackle spacecraft, one whose scruffy crew move around like a jazz trio—nodding away, lost in their instruments, only occasionally speaking or even looking at each other.

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