Release: La Batterie - Let There Be Drums (Benedikt Frey Remix)


"Kalahari Oyster Cult are shedding light on an old classic via a new series of reissues called Kalahari Oyster Tribe. First up is the hyper obscure Le Batterie reissuing 'Let There Be Drums' and 'Shogun'.
Both tracks on this EP have been no stranger to unofficial edits, Kalahari Oyster Tribe opt to give this classic EP the love in deserves drafting in the magnificently talented Benedikt Frey to give this 1983 Discogs rarity it's first official remix (along with Max Abysmal's equally brilliant remix).
Frey's mix certainly lets the drums do the talking with his trademark analogue thunderous bottom end while taking some of the toppier parts and bringing them into the forefront of the track, taking an all the best elements of the original while adding his own dark twist, a sound which he has cultivated over the years with releases and remixes on ESP Institute, Hivern Discs, Phantasy and LDDLM amongst others. Kalahari have proved themselves worthy diggers by unearthing this classic piece of French Electronica and they have been kind enough to get one of the most talented producers out there to polish it up and deliver it to you rougher than ever." Listen here.

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