Release: Lauer LP 'Power' on Running Back


„Lauer always rhymes with “Power”. Proven by countless remixes, productions and projects like Arto Mwambe, Black Spuma, Talamanca System or Tuff City Kids and – naturally – his own-brand. There aren't many dance floors left that haven't been blessed by all this glory.
Now, the aptly titled third album of Frankfurt's prime export regarding all things melodic, teenaged and synthesized, intensifies, condenses and hones the sound, he has been developing for years: a topical take on classic dance and 80ies pop figures, disco music in a closet (Lauer is still in denial), singing arpeggios, android choirs, beautiful bass lines and sometimes the apparitional architecture of house music.
Neatly placed on one piece of vinyl, “Power” collects nine tracks resp. songs that follow these roads. Expertly produced, recorded on high-end tape and complemented with intricate songwriting, Running Back is proud to present his magnum opus.
“Power” is vintage Lauer. Like his attic – Pyramide Studio 2 for those who know – where a vast synthesizer collection from the days of yore and tomorrow meets other digital dinosaurs and analog Aphrodites, it showcases a sanguine, punky and vivid DIY-aesthetic that isn't too far from a garage band turned into a one-man-orchestra.
Glazed with two songs featuring the vocal talents of Jasnau (Mirrors and the Poeponymous Power) Power), that sentiment is consolidated. Music to dance to and to romance to.“

Snippets via Soundcloud.

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