Roman Flügel says Happiness Is Happening


Roman Flügel's next album, Happiness Is Happening, will see release through Dial Records on September 1st.

It's the second full-length Flügel has released under his real name, following 2011's well-received Fatty Folders. "Fatty Folders embraced you with a bunch of flowers; Happiness Is Happening is asking for a discussion," he told RA.

Flügel's close friend Gerd Janson, who wrote the album's press release, says Happiness Is Happening reflects "a life that has been spent in techno, house and its various mutations and archetypes with a sensibility for pop music, a consciousness of indie culture and an affinity for the avant-garde."

Following an in-depth Exchange with the Frankfurt favourite last month, we caught up with him via email this week to discuss the new LP:

How would you say this record differs from your last effort, Fatty Folders? You mentioned that you dropped the jazzy touches that featured on that last LP, right?

Yes, the album's basic groove is a little different. It is more machine-driven, no bongos this time. You will hear a piano here and there but probably under a surface of distortion.

Tell us about the album's title?

I was carrying that title with me for a while. We're all lucky that happiness is happening here and there, but it's definitely nothing that usually stays for long. You can't buy it with money and you won't find it in magazines, as the brilliant Graham Coxon suggested. I'm always surprised how quick these happy moments slip away but it's definitely worth looking for the happiness within you to make it stay longer.

And what about the cover art?

I'm totally in love with the artwork! It's a painting by Sergej Jensen, a German artist who finished at the Städel Artschool in Frankfurt years ago and now lives in New York. I got to know him back in the day and feel very honoured by his contribution. The painting reflects exactly the ambiguity of the album's title.

It's the second LP you've released under your given name. Do you think you're now less inclined to produce records under different aliases?

You never know. I'd like to keep it as it is for a while now since I don't want to cause too much confusion. But slipping into a imaginary character by using a different alias can help at a certain point.

01. Connecting The Ghost
02. Friendship Song
03. Stuffy
04. Your War Is Over
05. Wilkie
06. Tense Times
07. Parade
08. We Have A Nice Life
09. Occult Levitation
10. All That Matters

Dial will release Happiness Is Happening on September 1st, 2014.

Via Resident Advisor.

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