Roman Flügel team up with Simian Mobile Disco


Roman Flügel is the latest collaborator to feature on Simian Mobile Disco's Delicacies label.

The team-up, which sees release next month, follows two other collaborative EPs, one with Belfast house enthusiasts Bicep and another with Berlin-based techno maven Cosmin TRG. The German house veteran and SMD have turned in two tracks, "Hachinoko" and "Ikizukuri," both of which take their names from adventurous Japanese foodstuffs; the former is "the larvae of bees or wasps, carefully harvested from their hives and cooked in sugar and soy sauce," and the latter is "a particularly morally dubious dish that consists of preparing fish for sashimi whilst still alive" (the B-side comes in two versions on the EP).
The press release describes Hachinoko/Ikizukuri as "the final dessert course in this particular banquet," suggesting this string of collaborations may be drawing to a close.

01. Hachinoko
02. Ikizukuri
03. Ikizukuri (Alt Mix)

Delicacies will release Hachinoko/Ikizukuri on March 17th, 2014.

Via Resident Advisor.

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