Stereogum premieres new remix from John Talabot


Dance producer Bobby B (aka Bobby Browser aka Andre Ferreira) has gained attention in the last year or two for a pair of glistening EPs on the label 100% Silk. Now, just as he relocates from Oakland to Brooklyn, he’s releasing a new double 12″ single for Icee Hot featuring a pair of new tracks titled “History” and “So True” along with a remix of each.
“So True” balances a soulful melody on top of a shuffling breakbeat, while pitched vocals pan through the mix sighing, moaning, and laughing. It’s unpredictable, but not in an obvious way, one that surprises without breaking its entrancing pull.

On the remix, Barcelona producer John Talabot (who between his epic debut album, DJ-Kicks, and live shows can pretty much do no wrong) blows the song out to a sprawling nine minutes that builds layer upon layer of churning, hypnotic beats. No wonder it’s called the “espiral remix.”

The “History”/”So True” double single is out 5/27 via Icee Hot.

Listen to John Talabot's remix here.

Via Stereogum.

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